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Asus will Release a Gaming Laptop with a 300Hz Display in October

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Asus Gaming Laptop
Asus Gaming Laptop

At IFA 2019, Asus is showing off a lot of gaming laptops that the corporate has fitted with displays with a banging 300Hz refresh rate. These prototypes square measure principally from the company’s ROG bird genus and Zephyrus line-up of play laptops. However, if you’re thinking this can be simply associate degree other showing-off from an organization at a technical school event and can doubtless ne’er culminate into an actual product, well, Asus would beg to dissent.

The company has proclaimed that it’ll, in reality, be delivery laptops with displays that have this insane refresh rate to the market shortly. Soon, as in Oct this year. Yeah, Asus has confirmed that it’ll ship a Zephyrus S GX701 next month with a 1080p 300Hz show.

In the context of enhancements that a 300Hz show can bring for gamers, Asus says “Raising the refresh rate to 300Hz represents a 25 increase over the present customary for high-level esports tournaments. At that speed, the screen will draw 5X a lot of frames than the 60Hz panels found on standard laptops. Paired with a GPU that produces enough frames per second to stay up, the quicker show makes gameplay silkier than ever before.”

However, Asus isn’t the sole company with 300Hz laptops within the works. genus Acer additionally confirmed that its Predator Triton five hundred play laptop computer can shortly be offered with a 300Hz show for $2,799.99 — yeah, you scan that right. prepare to give some bundle if you wish this type of screen refresh rates on your next play laptop computer.

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New Leaked on PUBG Mobile Season 10: New Skins, Weapons and More

The currently ongoing Season 9 in PUBG Mobile will end on November 7, so we can expect Season 10 to debut shortly after that.



PUBG Season 10

PUBG Mobile is currently on Season 9 of the Royale Pass, But, details concerning future season have already started leaking out. The leak comes courtesy of YouTuber “Mr. Ghost Gaming” World Health Organization denote a video (that you’ll check out here) on their YouTube channel showing off the items returning to the popular battle royale game on smartphones.

Season 10 Theme

According to the leak, the general theme in Season 10 goes to feature a really desert-like look, with rewards that area unit themed around the same thing. Pricing for the Season 10 Royale Pass goes to be similar to previous seasons with the Elite upgrade priced at 600UC and also the Elite and upgrade priced at 1800UC.

M249 Skin

There’s also a new skin for the M249 with the Season 10 branding00. This can be on the market as a Royale Pass reward for players with the Elite Royale Pass in Season 10.

New Outfits

Season 10 will bring new outfits into the combination which will either be unlockable as Royale Pass rewards or in loot boxes. Within the leak, we have a tendency to get to visualize outfits just like the Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set, Assassin of the Dawn set, Mechanical Mercenary Set, and loads of others.

New Emotes

There also are a bunch of latest emotes that we will see within the video. Whereas man Ghost Gaming showed off the emote icons for these new emotes, YouTube channel “Classified YT” has shown off these emotes in action in their PUBG Mobile Season ten leak video, and a few of them look very cool. you’ll scrutinize Classified YT’s video here.

New Weapon: MP5K

PUBG Mobile may also introduce a replacement weapon with Season 10. The MP5K machine gun is going to be on the available in Vikendi if the leaks area unit to be believed. The SMG can use 9mm ammo, just like the Vector (the UMP9 was recently renamed to the UMP45 and currently uses .45ACP implements of war instead), and can have higher damage than Vector, however a slower firing rate.

The currently ongoing Season 9 in PUBG Mobile will end on November 7, so we can expect Season 10 to debut shortly after that. Hopefully, we’ll get to see all these skins, emotes, and the new MP5K SMG in the game when Season 10 lands on our smartphones next month. In the meantime, catch up on your RP rewards and make the most of this last week of Season 9.

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